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Spar Murroe, Co. Limerick is a locally owned and run service station with a deli and fresh bakery.

Spar murroe

PJ Holmes, Owner of Spar Murroe, Limerick consists of a
service station with both a deli and fresh bakery.
The locally owned and run service station prides itself in its freshly cooked meals, healthy options, and expansive range of key grocery items. 
Increased Food Gross Profit
Reduced Food Waste
Added To Bottom Line
Spar Deli Murroe


  • Deli stocktakes were complete with pen and paper and collating data onto Excel sheets which was prone to error and poor operational efficiency.
  • Staff were spending too much time back-of-house (BOH) and were taken away from their core duties of looking after their customers.
  • The single-site struggled with over-all tidiness and access to stock in both the freezer and storage areas with poor stock level management.
PJ Holmes Spar: Testimonial

Results at a Glance

  • Spar Murroe now has inventory results on the same afternoon the count was completed, dramatically improving food gross profit by almost 8%.
  • Food waste has been reduced by 15% across the deli allowing for over-all improvements in the tidiness of storage areas and stock levels being reduced.
  • From increasing their food gross profit and reducing food waste along with a centrally controlled product file, the single site has managed to add €30k to its bottom line.
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N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509
N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509