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Lee's Centra Group

Lee’s Centra Group is comprised of two Centra stores including an Applegreen forecourt and a Frank & Honest Cafe in Charleville, Co. Cork.


Based in Charleville, Co Cork, Lee’s Centra Group is a group of award-winning neighbourhood stores where you’ll find out of the ordinary products and services.
Winner of the “Best Large Convenience Store in Ireland” Lee’s offer a bakery, deli, and fresh food counter offering smart savings and great choice.
Cantillon Group Spar
Store Satisfaction
Labour Hours Saved Per Month
Increased Gross Profit Margin
lee's centra


  • Customer-facing store management was spending too much time completing stocktakes using excel spreadsheets and pen & paper.
  • Managers had little control of data collection, accuracy, price changes, or actual gross margins being achieved which led to inconsistencies in the business.
  • With no central product file, management has highlighted a number of errors in pricing and actual gross profit achieved.
Lee’s Centra Group: Testimonial

Results at a Glance

  • Lee’s Centra Group now has inventory results an hour after the stock count is complete.
  • Increase in gross profit margin by 3 – 4% in the first
    5 months of using DigiTally
  • Achieving a higher profit margin is now much more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Food waste can now be managed more efficiently and any data-entry errors can be identified instantly.
Lee's Centra Fresh Food
Want to know more? Read how The Lee’s Group further leveraged DigiTally
and simplified their stocktaking by downloading the full case study today!
N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509
N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509

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