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Compass Group Ireland is proud to be part of a global family offering food services to global co-operations in the business, sport, leisure, hospitality, and education sector. 

Compass Group

Compass Group Ireland consists of 2,300 talented people bringing you all of the great tasting food, coffee and memorable experiences that can transform every day into a great day.
Catering for full-service restaurants, cloud canteens, hospitality and fine dining, cafes, and micro-kitchen/pantires nationwide.
Compass Group
Reduced Data Double Entry
Increased Team Efficiency
Reduced Food Waste
Compass Group


  • All teams were dependent on pen and paper counting and collating data onto Excel sheets which was prone to error and poor operational efficiency.
  • Staff were spending too much time back-of-house (BOH) and were taken away from their core duties of looking after their customers.
  • Sites were adding in products which led to many inconsistencies with the main data file and inaccurate GP margin reports.
Compass Group Ireland: Testimonial

Results at a Glance

  • Compass Group Ireland now has inventory results on the same afternoon the count was completed, freeing up time
    for our teams to spend more time with customers on FOH 
  • Stocktaking labour hours have reduced significantly allowing for an increase in operational efficiency by 75%.
  • A huge benefit was the product control, which is managed centrally using one product file and has made a huge difference to sites with multiple locations over a large footprint.
Compass Group Chef
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N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509
N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509

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