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Valuation By Item

Detailed Stock Report

The valuation by item option is where you’ll be able to see the Closing Stock (Units) & the Closing Stock (Cost) from all Locations & Departments for a particular Stock Take Date.

To view this information, go to the Reports drop-down on the Main Navigational Bar, then select Valuation by Item.

This will take you straight to the report which will automatically generate a report for your most recent Stock Take Date.

If you wish to select another date for this report, simply just click on the drop-down that says Stock Take Date and chose your preferred date to generate this report for. Once you’ve selected the date, it will automatically generate report for it to start working its magic!

Change date, generate reports and download PDFs

Report Information

In the Valuation by Item report, you will be able to see the following information;

  • Department
  • Product name
  • Unit cost
  • Previous quantity
  • Current quantity
  • Quantity difference
  • Previous cost
  • Current cost
  • Cost difference

This will also highlight increases in figures with  green text, while a decrease will appear in red. Additionally, it’s possible to click and drag the column headings into different order so that the information is clear.

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