Importing CSV

EasyCount – Uploading Products from Excel

After setting up your user account, you may want to import all your products so you can begin counting – this must be done via importing an Excel file.

What we have, is an Excel file that will help you with this process. In this Excel file there will be four headings;

  • Product Name – Your product name (can include product codes)
  • Counting Unit – How you count your unit, there’s a drop-down here to select; Each, Pack, Case, Box, KG, Litre
  • Department – Where you see your products, for example you may want to see a breakdown of who supplies the products, or you may even have categories assigned to these products, see the screenshot examples below for further clarity.
  • Cost of Counting Unit – The cost of your product

Make sure to save the file as a CSV and remove the headers once finished – do not include any special characters!

Excel File format

Example of Categories assigned to products (Exfoilants, Moisturisers, Masques, Concentrated Boosters, Targeted Treatments, Eye Treatments)

Examples of Suppliers assigned to products (Cuisine de France, CDF Pastries, Cuisine Baps, Bagels, Paninis etc)

You may download this Excel file here – EasyCount Template

Once you’ve properly structured your Excel file and you’re happy with how your products are configured, you may then navigate to the Web Platform and under the User tab on the Main Navigational Bar, click Import Products.

Import Products section under Master Records from Home Screen

You will then be greeted with a screen like this, simply click Browse, navigate to your Excel file and hit Upload!

CSV File upload screen

If all has gone correct, you will see a green bar go to 100% letting you know the file has been uploaded successfully. You can then check your file upload has worked by going to the Master Records tab back on the Main Navigational Bar and selecting Product Master to see if your products have been populated.

Successful CSV File upload screen

Product Master screen to see if the CSV uploaded successfully

If you have any issues with this process, please do contact us and we’ll do our best to help you – we’re very active in monitoring our calls and emails, so we’ll be able to get back to you as soon as possible.

Keeping your stocktakes in-house with EasyCount is considerably cheaper than an external service. You’ll reduce stocktaking times by up to 68%, have an instant valuation of your counted stock and see where your waste is. All you need is your own mobile device to get going, no external hardware is required. Manage your inventory with our stocktaking software!

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