Food Stocktaking

Consolidated multi-site stock figures delivered in seconds; auditable, accurate, trustworthy, and actionable

  • Master Price File


    DigiTally allows you to operate one centrally controlled pricing file.

    No more multiple pricing sheets, no more delays in pricing updates, no more pricing errors, no more multiple excel sheets or cross referencing.

    With DigiTally all your product pricing is correct at any given time, this means your stock valuations are correct, and your profit margin is correct.

    For multi-site operations, all sites pull products from the one location. Changes in product pricing require one price update which is immediately reflected across all sites.

  • Save On Count Time

    DigiTally delivers on average a 72% reduction in the time required to complete stocktakes.

    Our easy to use stock taking app can be used on any mobile device, phone or tablet, and allows staff to complete stocktakes quickly and accurately.

    Training on using the system takes minutes and we have online tutorials to help.

    Double entry is eliminated 100% and is no longer required. This frees you up to focus on more important value-add tasks, and not mundane ones!

  • Multi Users Counting

    DigiTally, a cloud based system allowing multiple staff in multiple locations to count stock at the same time.

    Even storage locations with no WiFi are counted off-line.

    All data is then synced through the cloud once counts are completed, they are ready for auditing by site management to ensure accuracy.

    You never again need excel sheets or print-outs for a stocktake, reducing waste and supporting the environment. Improved office sustainability in the process.

  • Multi Site Cloud Sync

    Using the DigiTally app, enables the efficient counting and syncing of information from all sites within seconds.

    All data then syncs through the cloud to your reporting dashboard once reconnected to WiFi.

    All the staff member has to do is press the sync button. No more double-entry after the stock take, no more transferring excel files, no more opportunities for double entry errors.

    This allows faster verifying of results remotely, and substantially improved count accuracy.

  • Available On Any Device

    DigiTally operates on any mobile phone or tablet device running IOS or Android, no investment in new hardware needed.

    Simply download the DigiTally app from the App Store or Google Play Store, sign in, sync the device to your account and away you go, it’s so easy.

    The DigiTally app has been designed to be super-simple to understand and to use for all levels of technical ability, a key feature loved by our users.


    Count Anywhere, Anytime

    DigiTally allows you to set up each stock storage location (fridge, freeze, store room) in accordance with the layout of your shelves.

    This makes counting significantly faster. Our clever “drag and drop” feature ensures this can be set up quickly and without hassle.

    DigiTally lets you count stock anytime day or night, the flexibility of DigiTally gives you the power to run your business your way at a time that suits you, your team and your operation.

    Areas can be started, stopped, then returned to at a later time without losing count data.

  • Advanced Reporting Module

    DigiTally’s reporting module automatically collates and presents your stock data and profit margin for each site.

    Dynamic report functions allow reviewing and auditing of previous stock levels, variances, and profit margin comparisons across all sites where increases/reductions are immediately identified and flagged.

    Reports are immediately available at local, regional, national and group levels. Clear, accurate, timely reporting you can trust, (giving you the power) to manage your business.

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