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Meet Your Sustainability Targets With DigiTally

 Single Site: Create New Product

  • Navigate to manage → products → new product
  • Type in product name, counting unit, select the department, add cost price

    (If you want to insert product straight into the location, click the tick box and select the location (optional step)
  • Click save and new if creating multiple products or save and close once all new product(s) have been entered
  • To edit a product (i.e. the name, counting unit or cost price), click the edit icon → make changes → click save
  • To delete a product, click the bin icon → delete
If you’d like to know more about how to get started with DigiTally visit our Knowledge Base or speak with
our team of Stocktaking experts today by clicking the chat feature on the bottom right of your screen.
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N17 Business Park, Tuam, Co.Galway
(+353) 1 9696509

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