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4 Ways to Increase Your Food Gross Profit Margin

Pricing and profit are two things you can’t take your eye off as a business owner. And everyone wants to improve their gross profit margin. We specialise in food inventory management software and are consistently supporting our clients in increasing theirs. Let’s look at some of the ways you can improve yours.

  1. Implement an effective food inventory management system
    This is where the real savings can be made. From reducing food waste to streamlining operations, there are always ways things can be more effective. And this is it. A software solution that does precisely these and more. This is about independent location management with less time on site and more oversight. It’s everything you need to make that margin higher. Pick the right one for you and there will be no looking back as you and your business will be moving forward. 
  2. Regularly review food measurements and levels 

    If you are in the food business, check-in on how things are being done. For example, are the measurements loose? What about meat cuts in the deli? These may seem like minute differences but combined can add up. Before you know it, you could be losing money, or if you get involved, monitor, and respond correctly, you’ll be making money.

  3. Be strategic with your vendor deals
    It might be time to find new vendors. It’s always advised to shop around for new deals. Or maybe, you have a long-standing relationship with a great vendor. Whatever your situation, be strategic with these agreements. Think long term. Perhaps you could get a better deal on a price with a longer-standing contract or higher order. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches customer demand and boosts that food Gross Profit Margin.

  4. Make the most of customer spend 
    When you see what people are buying, how they are purchasing, those high-selling items, those in bulk, or overall customer trends, you have the information you need to maximise their expenditure. Whether it’s a loyalty card option or placing deals in high traffic areas, know your customers’ habits so that you can respond effectively

From our years in the industry, we can speak from experience when we say all of the above is made easier with the right food stocking software. And one that focuses on increasing your food gross profit margin. We suggest keeping an eye on operations and getting greater visibility. Don’t limit your search to one area, but get the birds eye view. There are improvements to be made in all areas of your business that will ultimately support increasing your food gross profit margin.

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