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Meet Your Sustainability Targets With DigiTally

Support Your Clients with the Right Food Solutions

Being a consultant means you are an expert in your field, but it also means you have to be on top of your game when it comes to the latest trends. You are always learning as you help other businesses evolve and strive for best practices across the board. That’s a key component of your work, efficiency. People want the best and most effective way to run their operations and achieve their business goals. In the fast pace of the food industry, this is most obvious as everything from the lifespan of perishable goods, the latest tech, and new food crazes are always happening.

We get this because we are living it too. We watch day in day out how every action taken by a business in this industry is centred on food, so we’ve made it our priority to make the stocktaking process the most efficient, effective and accurate as possible. Why? Because there are plenty of areas of business that owners have no control over like a global pandemic. But one thing that clients have control over is their stocktaking system.

This is also a key area where you can help make positive changes to improve their gross profit margin. Afterall, inventory is the foundational backbone of your client’s food business. And their food inventory strategy keeps everything connected and organised. One small mistake can result in a massive change for their business and it’s something we can help avoid.

There are three areas where our product positively impacts a food business; technical, practical and human. Combined, they mean smoother operations and bigger savings for our clients. Let’s explore each in detail.


What do we mean by this? First and foremost, and one of our top priorities is accuracy. Your client’s counts need to be accurate. Their standardised product list from suppliers needs to be accurate. Their orders need to be accurate, and their stocktaking system needs to be accurate. This can be achieved with the right food inventory management system. Make it a digital one.

The technical side can be summed up in two words, dashboard reporting. When it comes to process, this is the efficient and accurate option. Manual systems like a pen, paper and excel, are outdated, slow and have a higher risk of error. Making this system automatic is not only smart but progressive and results in progression. So it’s goodbye pen and paper, hello software solution. It’s a no brainer for accuracy and efficiency in 2021.

Another place we often see people fall down is when they don’t have consistency across all their sites. If you have different systems, in different places, with different people, it’s a recipe for disaster and creates a lot of food waste which we want to avoid. The alternative? Streamlining the stocktaking process across all sites and being able to access the information from your mobile device cuts out inefficiencies and reduces the risk of inaccuracies.


On that note and a practical level, DigiTally allows for a level of visibility that has been previously impossible for our customers. Seeing reliable and up to date data across all of their sites at the touch of a button gives our clients the type of oversight and insight they need. In a sentence, this means less food waste and improved gross profit margin.

It’s also highly accessible. Not only because of the easy to use design, but it’s location independent. It’s no longer a case of needing to be on the ground and adapting to whatever the latest way of doing things is by those staff members. It is aligned and easy of find. The onboarding and training are also less than 30 minutes, so it’s a simple integration into business operations. That’s how much we like to save time and are passionate about doing it for our clients.


When it comes to the human element, it’s a great way to spot an issue with operations – and early too so it doesn’t manifest into a bigger issue over time and cost everyone. This area also includes time. How are your client’s staff spending theirs? Is something happening at one site that’s not happening at another?

Streamlining the stocktaking process into a digital one means your clients get time back, and they can spend it on an area of their business that requires it more. And time is money. It also means faster decision-making and action-taking. It’s a case of less time collating and more time analyzing. It supports smoother processes. 

Now more than ever, food processors and distributors must make quick decisions to meet the rapidly changing demand that the pandemic has brought about. Having the right tools to support this brings a sense of stability during uncertainty, and the actions informed by these choices can improve inventory management.

Supporting your clients is about finding them the right solutions. We believe digital tools are not only the best option in the present; they are also the future. Technology isn’t going anywhere, and it can bring a level of accuracy, efficiency and improvement to clients in this industry. And our stats speak for themselves.

We have over 35 years of stocktaking experience and have successfully onboarded 200 stores sites, including catering firms, hospitality companies and businesses that suffer from fluctuating margins and food waste. Our valued clients can manage their food inventory up to 72% faster. They’ve seen a 6.1% increase in their food gross profit margin and saved €30,000 per site. We do more than talk the talk. We are passionate about making these savings for businesses in the food industry and contributing to sustainable food production worldwide. DigiTally isn’t just nice to have, it is a fundamental part of running a successful food business.

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