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Case Study – 2018

Stocktaking Hospitality

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    Inserting products into DigiTally the way they are displayed

A Hotel based in Dublin is a modern 4-star hotel, an elegant and stylish part of Dublin City Centre. The Sitting bar, which is part of the hotel, is a modern, stylish bar and a perfect spot to enjoy a quiet and relaxing drink, a quick coffee or a light & tasty treat.

Knowing the profit margins generated by the bar is a vital part of the business. An accurate count of the stock is required to be done on monthly basis in order to provide an accurate representation of the profit margins. Before using DigiTally, the count was carried out using an excel spreadsheet on a tablet. This proved to be very time consuming, as products were sorted alphabetically, and prone to errors as user input mistakes, for example, a quantity of 113 instead of 13.

Wayne S, Bar Manager  –
“DigiTally does what it says on the tin! It provides an easy way to conduct our stocktakes”

Wayne S, the Bar Manager, reckons that the counting process has been reduced from about 2.5 – 3 hours down to 45 minutes – 1 hour. According to Wayne “the best feature of DigiTally is the ability to insert my stock into a location in the order that they are stored in the storeroom or the bar, eliminating the need of searching through long lists. DigiTally does what it says on the tin! It provides an easy way to conduct our stocktakes”.

DigiTally assists businesses in counting their non-barcoded stock in the most efficient manner possible. This makes ordering, storage and sales significantly easier for all stakeholders.

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Hotel Case Study

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