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Case Study – 2018

Stocktaking Improved

Based in Listowel, Co Kerry, The H2 Group comprises nine Spar delis and Apache pizza stores throughout Ireland. Fresh food retailing is paramount for them and the management of their profit margins is a key part of ensuring a successful operation.

Among its award wining achievements, H2 Group has received Deloitte’s best managed four years running and is operating at the highest level in forecourt and fresh food retailing in Ireland.

Stocktaking was a problem for H2 Group in the past. While they knew that there must be a better, more efficient way of doing it, the biggest difficulty was using the same product and pricing information across the group. It happened in the past that products were added locally but the Head Office were not notified and as a result, the integrity of the data was compromised.

The previous way of undertaking a stock count included the Store/Deli manager using a pen and paper to note down what each item was and then afterwards entering it into an excel sheet. It would then be passed onto the Head Office so as to include sales and to summarise the information for the entire group. This took four hours per site, 2hrs to count and 2hrs to collate so as to get the Gross Profit (GP) margin. Across 10 sites, this would be finalised and completed on a Tuesday before being presented to each site.

Sean Heaphy, H2s Managing Director  –
“We looked at other Apps online but nothing was specific to counting food and compiling gross profit margins, the other online solutions did not fit our purpose. We did consider an App which was used by a rival fast food multinational but thankfully found DigiTally at the right time”

Since implementing DigiTally, the take up from each of the store managers has been great and the feedback is excellent. When implementing a new concept, it is easy to get push back as it is a new technology but the response from all stakeholders has been really positive as its so simple to use and no additional hardware is required. H2’s original problem of the product/pricing file integrity was solved as they now use one file across all sites. So any price change immediately affects all sites.

The implementation of DigiTally was quick and easy. Any initial teething problems experienced were promptly resolved and “the lads responded quickly to all of our questions and queries which is great reassurance to have” adds Heaphy. The uploading of H2’s master file was really quick as it was already available in excel.

Stocktaking Improved

Sean Heaphy, H2s Managing Director –
“The lads responded quickly to all of our questions and queries which is great reassurance to have”

Stocktaking Improved

DigiTally has enabled H2 Group to now view their GP’s across the group on a Monday morning. This way action can be taken quickly on making any decisions that may need to be made. This speed of response is crucial when dealing with a perishable product which is time sensitive.

The time savings for H2 have been substantial as the count down from 2hrs to 45 minutes and the input from our head office team from 2 hours down to 30minutes. That’s a huge saving across the board and makes more efficient as an organisation. A total of four hours now down to less than 1.5hrs.

Heaphy says “DigiTally is definitely worth it as it makes the stock counting and GP reporting easier and more efficient. Knowing the information on a Monday morning is a really valuable tool for us to have, and the support to hand to assist with any queries from my team is very reassuring to know. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EasyCount to other food retailers”.

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H2 Group Case Study

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