Corrib Oil

Case Study – 2018

Stocktake Time


Deli Managers Satisfaction Feedback


Total Hours Saved
Across Group

2,080 Hours

Corrib Oil currently has has 20 busy forecourt fuel stations across Ireland. A major part of their service offering is the focus on deli food and ready meals for their customers.
Due to the high sales volume of fresh food sales, it is necessary to undertake a stock count of all their food stock on a weekly basis so as constant focus can be placed onto the gross profit margin and a clear focus on monitoring waste.
Before using DigiTally, the method of counting inventory was manual and the high dependency of pen and paper. “This was very labour intensive and prone to delays and errors due to onsite distractions and other more immediate tasks that have been required” according to Colette Kelly, deli manager with the company. From start to finish the count it took just over 3 hours.
A better solution was required.

Mark Henry, Corrib Oil Area Manager –
“Streamlining the stock counting processes has made a huge difference to the way we operate and was an area that needed a more efficient solution than pen and paper counting. not only are we using it for counting our food but also for the non-consumables that we use in the business including packaging, chemicals and coffee cups”

Since using DigiTally, the onsite stocktaking time has reduced from over 3 hours per site to slightly over one. By reducing the time to undertake a stocktake by 70% EasyCount has given,
  • The Deli Manager, time to focus on her daily tasks and less time on counting stock
  • The Accountant, more accurate and consistent information across the group
  • The Area Manger, a better reflection as to how each stores deli is performing 
Stocktaking Success

Mark Henry, Corrib Oil Area Manager –
“We are excited about the upcoming developments with DigiTally and have found it to be a very useful, easy to use tool that assists our margin management”

Stocktaking Success

As food is not barcoded, counting of it can be problematic and prone to the operator deciding on the best way to count. DigiTally eliminates this type of ambiguity and provides a consistent way of undertaking consistent counts of inventory across a group.

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Corrib Case Study

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