What is DigiTally?

What is DigiTally? – The Inventory Management system to make counting, easier and faster!

DigiTally.io was formed in 2016 with a purpose to give retailers and suppliers an easier, faster and more efficient way to count their inventories, something that isn’t quite there yet as most businesses still use the standard and more traditional pen and paper method with Excel and double entry. DigiTally would allow you to efficiently manage all your counts, see your profitability, instantly generate your gross profits, manage all your sites, keep track of your counts electronically and instead of spending a full day counting your inventory, how about imagining that it could only be one or two hours.

DigiTally.io has an idea that would make the standard way of counting disappear and be moved to an electronic platform to follow the upwards trend of technology. Featuring an Android & Apple app on the market and a web platform through our website, users will be able to synchronise all their data from their phone to computer and vice versa with a simple click of a button, allowing the user to have access to all their counts with just two devices that are widely used in the modern day.

No longer will stock-takers have to use pens, pencils & papers alongside keeping track of countless documents, Excel files and most importantly, no more double entry.

Based in Tuam, Co. Galway, DigiTally was founded by Patrick McDermott (CEO) & Artur Leonowicz (CTO) – two very experienced professionals when it comes to having the knowledge of how stocktaking is undertaken and what methods should be approached to ease the process.

Patrick McDermott formed Stocktaking.ie in 2004 and has been recognised as the only stocktaking business in Ireland certified with an ISO 9001:2015 (International Standards Organisation) – this further solidifies the knowledge within DigiTally of how counting inventories should be undertaken and what methods should be adapted to make sure the stock-taking experience is as accurate as possible whilst switching over to an electronic system.

DigiTally has grown fast over the past year, having a strong network of clients and potential consumers that are very excited to get their hands on the DigiTally app and web platform to see if it’ll benefit their business with saving time and money. DigiTally is looking to expand across Ireland and further develop the functionalities of both the app and web platform, by bringing it to more devices and adding more customisation & flexibility for the user to view & manage their counts to further make their time cost effective.

DigiTally has identified a large market that is interested in finding ways to cut back on time needed for counting inventory and to move over to a platform that is always accessible from any device, keeping your information safe, secure and most importantly, digital.

About DigiTally

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